Practice to Pass: ACCA Exam Approach Webinars

You are invited to join free of cost and interactive exam approach webinars which ACCA is offering to help you prepare for March 2019 exam effectively.

ACCA Exam Approach Webinar – What is in it for me?

The free of cost live and interactive webinars include:
1. 10 hours of examiner’s approach and question practice on core topics by expert tutors
2. Excellent exam tips and techniques
3. Q&A opportunity
4. Key practice materials
5. Free access to the previously recorded revision webinars (Click here to access)

 How to register:

Please visit our website for the complete details e.g. schedule, registration and deadlines:

Note: In order to get the maximum benefit, students are strongly advised to view the recorded webinars before joining the live sessions. Tutors will explain the topics however main focus will be on question practice during live webinars.

For any further details and inquiries, please contact ACCA Vietnam at,


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